World League - Sunday

Event Details

Starts on:25/06/2017 13:30

Choose a Location for your Seats

How to Choose your Seats

  1. Select a stand of the stadium - A, B, C or D. Currently only Stand A, B and D are open for sale.
  2. Once inside, click on the seats you like.  For A and B sections, please ensue that you scroll to the right of the frame to see all the seats for that section.
  3. Each seat is colour coded for Silver, Gold and VIP tickets.
  4. Seating Rows are labeled alphabetically C-W from courtside to the back of the stadium.
  5. If a section does not open when clicked on, this means that the seats have not been opened for sale, but may do so a a later date.  
  6. If can not select a seat if it is coloured Red, or Grey with this symbol redcircle